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Orlando Grande Lakes - JW or Ritz Carlton

Question asked by cmeyer on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by kimbuys

Hi all,


I will be travelling to Orlando for three days in August with my family. After checking Trip Advisor and some discussions on this forum, it looks like the JW Marriott Grande Lakes would be a good choice for this.

We also checked out some reviews for the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, and it looks like

  • both of them are really nice hotels with really nice standard rooms
  • both of them have great Trip Advisor ratings
  • rates for MR members in August are almost the same
  • and they are located more or less in the same place.


So my question simply is: Which one should we choose? Would you say one of them is "better" than the other in some way?

I hold Platinum Premier status with MR - would I be more likely to benefit from that in the JW?


Any suggestions are very much appreciated!