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Lexington Hotel in NYC - a disappointment to others?

Question asked by bostonla on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by monisame

As Platinum Rewards and elite Vacation Club travelers, we are familiar with all the choices in Manhattan for a Marriott stay.  The Lexington has never been top of the list but it has been ON the list. (Higher on our list are the Algonquin, the Renaissance Times Sq, Renaisance 57 and Marriott East Side). But this Mother's Day/birthday weekend stay makes us wonder if others have had similar disappointing experiences that lead them to avoid the Lexington option.  (no early check-in with bag storage fees --and huge collection of bags!--  limited breakfast options, always crowded lobby, staff less helpful than at similar Marriott properties).  Is this just our experience or have others long since figured this out and crossed the Lexington off their NYC list?