Now it's easier to claim the Look No Further rate!

Discussion created by fistuk on May 4, 2016

Recently the terms & conditions of submitting a claim for the LNF* rate have changed to our favour:

Until not too long ago comparison websites for hotel bookings outside the US & Canada were required to be direct reservation websites, meaning those which do not issue a voucher for the hotel to be handed in upon check-in. This was a significant limitation which reduced dramatically the chances of achieving the LNF rate for bookings all over most of the globe.

I just found out (confirmed with the LNF team on the phone) that it is no longer required, and almost any website will do to find a lower comparison rate for bookings anywhere in the world (still according to the general terms & conditions of the best rate guarantee)!

I guess this change has something to do with the upcoming merger...


Good news from Marriott indeed!


* For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the LNF rate you're welcome to read the guide I posted last year: click here