Discussion created by missarlenelee on May 9, 2016
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I am so furious right now! I called the customer service line, was put on hold for TEN minutes, spoke with a lady with a bad attitude and short temper, then put on hold for another 5-6 minutes, then a robot answered...and I seriously almost threw my phone against the wall. I HATE ROBOTS. Actually hire people to service customers! A robot does not know how to assist people. After going through the robot speech for 5 minutes, an actual person answered, and when I told him I sincerely frustrated with my experience so far, he said he was going to transfer me to a supervisor, and before I could say anything, he put me on hold AGAIN. I waited 5 minutes, and then the call disconnected. Marriott, 1) you will not answer; 2) you do answer with a snotty attitude; 3) you put me on hold multiple times; and then 4) you hang up on me. That's a total of FOUR transgressions against you. I am now on hold AGAIN waiting for someone to answer. All I want? To change my last name on my rewards since I got married. I may end up changing having Marriott rewards and ever staying at Marriott EVER AGAIN. STOP PUTTING ME ON GD HOLD! STOP saying "bear with me one moment" and other nonsense. I cannot believe how terrible and frustrating this experience has been today. I am sincerely frustrated and upset and do not want to deal with Marriott ever again.