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classical concerts in China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc.)

Question asked by ramoneur on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by ramoneur

I like to go to classical concerts from time to time;

In my own country, I sometimes travel for 1,5 hours just to see some special performance in the concert hall of Amsterdam ( where prices - compared to my hometown - are about 150% of what I am used to (but still low enough).

They have about 2 to 3 concerts per day (


What is extremely strange and irritating, is that here in China, they have great concert halls,

but almost no performances (maybe a few per week).


Also, the websites you can find (baidu; google is blocked of course; God forbid people find some useful information), are extremely poor regarding information about performances, pricing, etc.

It is near impossible to order/book tickets online.

Some of those websites are even only in Chinese.


Last but not least, the ticket prices are sky high.

I know there is something to say for no governmental subsidies, but these prices are crazy.


so, questions:

* anyone (with access to google maybe) know some good websites to browse through possible concerts?

* are there any good concert halls with reasonable prices and a good website?