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Recent stay .... Left me disappointed. What should I do next?

Question asked by innate on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by jonsummers

I had an unfortunately poor experience at the Marriott Renaissance Battle House Hotel in Mobile Alabama. I have frequented this hotel many times and have always received excellent service. It was Mardi Gras weekend, so I expected the lines and was extremely patient. I arrived as they were swapping the check in location. I was patient for 45 minutes, then, I could no longer smile and wait for them to get their act together. Once I expressed my need to check in and get dressed for an event, they picked up the pace. However, I shouldn't have had to wait so long at the make-shift desk. That should have been taken care of in advance. I had 2 rooms. Both rooms were booked for 2 nights. I used points for one night on one room. The check in associate had a hard time pulling up the reservation and had to call for a manager, which took extra time. After checked in, I explained to the bellman that I had 3 bottles of champagne in a bag and pointed it out to him. When he arrived at my room, I learned the bag slid off and the champagne bottle broke. I mentioned it to the front desk 2 times and they "were going to look into it, but I never heard anything back. I promoted and followed up 2 times. 

From there, things took a turn for the worse when I Began to smell a strange smell in our bathroom, coming from the vent. I left for dinner and returned 2 hours later. Upon my arrival, it smelled like someone had literally smoked pot in our room all day long. I immediately called the front desk. It was so intense, I was too nauseated to stay in our room. I had to get dressed in my other room with my parents. I requested the front desk handle the situation, as I had a Mardi Gras ball and was needing to leave for several hours. The staff did send an air purifier and it did seem to help. When I returned to my room that evening, the smell was bearable, but still noticeable. Around 1 am, it began again. So intense that neither my fiancé or I could sleep. We could not sleep! It made us so sick. I called the front desk again. There wasn't anything they could do at that time. They said to check back in the morning. We had to leave our room and sleep on the floor of my second room ( my parents room) .

The next day, same thing all day long and all night long. The front staff could not do anything more. The front desk associate suggested I purchase a candle in the gift shop! I couldn't believe it! I did go to the gift shop and bought a 28$ candle to try and mask the smell. It did not work. I called front Desk again. They sent people to our room and could not believe the smell. The security was even shocked!  They said it must be coming through the vent, but they couldn't locate the actual room and said it could be anywhere. They also said, they couldn't do anything unless the cleaning staff noticed it when cleaning and called security. Even then, there was little they could do. Well, I was so upset about this, even though I understood their challenge. It totally ruined my stay! I had to sleep on the floor in the room with my parents. Mardi Gras weekend! All 4 of us had to get ready two nights in a row - all in one small room! All because someone was having a drug fest in their room!

I addressed the check in issue and the champagne 2 times the first day and once upon check out. Then, I called the week after check out and have not heard back. After my points posted, I noticed I was not credited for two rooms for all nights, so I emailed to check on that. I was eventually credited for one of the rooms, but not the others. At the same time, I also mentioned the issues during my stay. I have yet to hear back from anyone. I received the email stating " glad to have your feedback," but nothing more.


I was a luxury travel agent for 7 years and NEVER worried when sending my clients to Marriott properties! This experience has really caused me to question the quality and standards of the brand and training of their employees.

I am packing now for a weekend with my mother. We are staying at the Renaissance Ross Bridge in Birmingham, Alabama. I am driving 4 hours, My mother and sisters are flying in as well. We are all so excited about the weekend. I certainly hope it lives up to our expectations. I hope and pray there are no repeat customer service issues. I have always loved Marriott and hope this weekend will help to erase the bad memories of my past Marriott stay and replace it with amazing memories and amazing service that I am used to and count on from Marriott.