Things to consider when choosing an airport shuttle

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Ask them a fixed price for the trip

some shuttles may require extra charges for waiting times and flight delays. Do not hire a taxi which charges hourly rates.


Do online research

Before you place a booking, do a little research with google.

Go their website and follow their social network links like google+, facebook and read some comments and reviews.

If they are on tripAdvisor, then see reviews about what people are saying.


Do not hurry to make pre-payments

If they suggest you to pay online immediately when you are booking, ask them what happen when you need to cancel or change your booking.


Be nice to the driver.

If you treat your driver well then he will also serve you very well.


Shared or Private [edited]

Ask them what kind of shuttles they have. There are two type of shuttles.

  1. Shared shuttles : They share your transport with others!. There will be some more stops on the way to your hotel.
  2. Private shuttles : It's private just for you. The cost may higher than shared shuttles.

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If You visit Disneyland Paris.

you may use Piyocab shuttle. They have low rates but a great service

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