Spring Bonus not shown.

Discussion created by tcooksey on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by pavan.merits

I am a Platinum member and Gold Lifetime.  

This years Spring bonus was not shown to me when I logged into my account.  I called and they unlocked level 1.  Free night at cat 1-5 and level 2 30k in bonus points. 

However, level three was not unlocked.   I called again and they said I did not qualify.  Even though I completed steps 1 and 2.  Why would I "Not qualify" for the last level of bonus.  Why did the bonus not show up to me when it became available to everyone?   As a side note, I always reach 100% of each bonus normally. 


Can anyone provide some insight as to why Marriott is not making these bonuses available to me like they do every other member?  I am thinking about using another chain.  Any tips greatly appreciated.