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Who can I send an email to that details issues with JW Marriott Properties ?

Question asked by traveler21 on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by carat

Several months ago I sent a complaint to customer care regarding an issue we had with the Cancun JW.  In that email I also mentioned a recent concern regarding another JW property.  As you would expect, this email went out to both properties.  The responses I got from the properties were like night and day in difference.  One was very professional and appropriate and the other, not so much.  Since Marriott does not seem to follow-up with anyone once they wash their hands of the issue by passing it on to the hotel management, I want to follow-up myself so that possibly someone can see the benefit of follow-up.  I will not return to the Cancun Marriott due to the response of the staff but will certainly return to the other property.  Marriott could be losing customers like this and follow-up should be important.  Who do you suggest sending the follow-up email to ?  Thanks in advance.