Question re: Points Stays and View Rooms

Discussion created by walla on May 1, 2016
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Here's the quandary.... We have a reservation at the RI Wailea for Sept. Because it is a special occasion, I would prefer we have a ocean-view room. When you do a "regular" reservation there are options for ocean view rooms, but when you reserve using points, it does not give an ocean view option- only room type. Hotel is still under construction so when looking at photos can not tell what % will be ocean view. I am Platinum so should qualify for an upgrade, however you never know how many other platinums are there wanting the same thing


Using points would save an enormous amount of $, but when in HI we spend lots of time on the balcony so a view is important.  Should I roll the dice and reserve using points? What are others experiences with this?


Hotel is not yet open so no one onsite to clarify or request...




Thank you!