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Should We Subsidize Arenas, Stadiums, etc.  and not know it?

Question asked by phctourist on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2016 by phctourist

Increasingly, cities are imposing major taxes on tourists to pay for their soccer, basketball, baseball and football venues and we aren't even told that we're paying.  I believe that t would be nice if Marriott, when publishing hotel rates, would explicitly tell us what we are paying for such fees.


Thus, when I requested rates for hotels in and around a city, I would see what the inner city is charging me so I could consider a stay just over the line, with most of the convenience and not have to pay such fees.




The Key Bridge Marriott and Chrystal City Marriott hotels are just across the river from Washington, DC and yet are free of such taxes.


Anybody have thoughts on this subject.