Splitting Joint Marriott Chase CC Account - IMPOSSIBLE

Discussion created by harkafella on Apr 29, 2016
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Background: My wife signed up for a Marriott Rewards Chase credit card. In doing so, she also established a Marriott Rewards account. Standard process, right? After she explained to me the benefits of the card, I was excited to be added to the credit card account as a joint card holder. This is a common practice for married couples. Again, nothing out of the norm here, right?

So, Chase sends us two identical credit cards, each with her Rewards number engraved on the front. The only difference is one has her name and one has my name. In turn, we both started using the credit cards and the same Rewards number printed on front.

Problem: Seeming how I do 99% of the traveling in our family, I was booking all my hotel stays using that same Rewards number printed on my credit card (her rewards number). Upon check-in, front desk staff would greet me then immediately ask for my wife. A short time later, we received a nasty gram notice from Marriott Rewards informing us that shared accounts are not allowed (despite her number being engraved into my credit card).

Fine - no problem - how can I resolve?

Logical Solution #1: Open a new Marriott Rewards account for myself and have this number added to my credit card.

Result: Although I can open my own Marriott Rewards account, I can't add it to our pre-existing Marriott Rewards Chase card because that card is technically still my wife's credit card although we are joint account holders since she originally opened the account. No changes allowed.


Logical Solution #2: Remove myself from wife's credit card and open a new credit card in my name with my Marriott Rewards number.

Result: Chase will not let me remove myself from the account (even with a zero balance). And, they will not let me open a new credit card account until my wife completely closes the joint account. Basically, we are forced to use as-is or cancel completely.

Illogical Solution from Chase/Marriott: As I eluded to above, the only solution to resolve this issue is for my wife and I to completely cancel our Marriott Rewards Chase credit card that we have held for over 7 years with increased credit limits, zero late payments and keep at a low balance. Get this - we then need to wait 3-4 weeks for the billing cycle to clear. After that, we simply re-apply for same the exact same credit card separately. This way, each person will be approved with unique credit card numbers each associated with our unique Marriott Rewards numbers.


Do I trust this solution will work? No.

Is this solution even remotely feasible? No.


I understand the rules of Marriott Rewards. I desperately want to comply by the rules of Marriott Rewards. Why in the hell do they make it so difficult for joint credit card accounts to use individual Marriott Rewards numbers?


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