Spirit to Serve - Amy Malone

Discussion created by elainetk on Apr 29, 2016
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I sincerely nominate Amy Malone for the Spirit to Serve Award.  She is Front Desk Supervisor at the Marriott_Courtyard,_3737_Atlantic_Ave_Virginia_Beach,VA


This Courtyard is my home away from home.  I am here every couple of weeks as I work in a 50 mile radius of the hotel.  I have choices and can choose to stay at other Marriott or other hotels.  But this location is my first choice and it is not because of the ocean, the view, etc It is because of the people, in particular Amy Malone.  I can have the worst day, like today, when my new car decided to stop working.  When I got back to the hotel tonight, Amy just cheered me up as soon as I walked in.  With her warm, friendly smile, she made a funny comment and pointed out how worse it could have been. It isn't just today, it's each time I come to the hotel.  She is always happy, smiling and insuring that my stay is comfortable.  She lets me know what the good restaurants are and reminds me of the Bistro.  Thank you for hiring employees such as Amy.  That is what makes the difference when I can choose any hotel in the area.....she is one of the reasons I choose the Marriot Courtyard, 3737 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA