Bruckner's music - neo-romanticism, but brilliant

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as a fervent Bach-lover for composition,

and a lifelong fan of Beethoven for "bombastic classical hard-rock" music,

Bruckner was a composer I did not know,

until, somewhat by chance (well, availability and a heavily subsidized low admission price) I went to one of The Netherland's finest Concert Halls (in Amsterdam - go visit/listen!) to listen to his sixth sympony




I have come to enjoy - and include in my standard listening short-list - his 6th, 8th and 3rd symphonies

He is - at this moment - the only composer I like from the more "dreamy" compositions;


His compositions are a bit too complex, lack "Beethoven's bombastic umpfh", and should adhere more to Bach's superior "interconnectivity"


...but man! Does his music pack a punch!


If you're going to listen to his music on youtube, or whatever,

be sure to choose Celibidache's or Bernstein's versions;

I have found this music to be extremely dependent on the conductor's expertise;


If you're going to listen only once; choose the best conductor's version, please


(I may even be able to start appreciating Mahler through him)