Coast to Coast AM - Conspiracy Radio!

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As a relative outsider/layman/noob to American history and culture I always thought the "talk radio"-culture was exaggerated in the information streams I got (movies, references, etc.);

But it turns out to be REAL!


I do REALLY appreciate this show.

I have listened to about 20 shows/broadcasts right now, and I enjoy it.

Of course I have a healthy "scientific brain" (being trained as a construction engineer), but I really LOVE science fiction and conspiracy theories.


I really think that, due to the default "don't trust big government"-attitude of most Americans (which I personally think is a very healthy attitude), America has a unique disposition for adhering to, developing and supporting conspiracy theories.


This show is GOLD, and makes me feel sorry that I do not live in America to be able to listen to this on the "real" radio.


do anyone of you gals/guys know this show?


Disclaimer: I don't believe 99% of what I hear on this show, but I enjoy having a very open mind