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contact details of hotels: why no email?

Question asked by ramoneur on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by monisame

Whenever I want to contact a hotel (missing stays, special requests, lost shaver, whatever) I can only find their telephone numbers on the websites; WHY NO EMAIL ADDRESS?

Sorry to shout just there, but it is very irritating.

Especially here in China, communicating by email is much more efficient and quick then by telephone;

This statement has been proven by some actual situation where I had the email-address of a floor manager, reservation manager, etc.

an email allows for context (pictures, though-out structure, etc.) and is a natural pacer (send when you want, reply when you can, etc.).


I have even called a hotel to ask for an email address

(which is a bother - especially in China) my questions email are:

1) are there hotel websites that DO state an email address?

2) is there an official reason why email-addresses are never to be found?

3) is it me? have i become so old/obnoxious/strange that i am the only one left that prefers email?