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Here's a Question for Insiders - How Do You Book Your Hotel Reservations?

Question asked by fschumpert on Apr 19, 2016
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I noticed in one of today's newspapers that some hotel chains offer discounts to those who book their reservations directly with the hotel versus agencies such as Expedia,, etc.


I always book my reservations directly with Marriott (either via Internet, Marriott mobile app, or by calling Marriott 800 telephone reservation number), but I don't think I've ever received a discount for doing so, On Marriott reservations website they state, "Marriott Rewards members always receive lowest rates by booking direct." However,  I've found it more advantageous, or necessary, to call Marriott Reservations when booking reward rooms for someone other than myself, or trying to book a two-bedroom suite (such as at Residence Inn).I usually call the Residence Inn where I'll be staying to see if they have 2 BR suite available, and then call the 800 number to make the reservation, as most hotels will not allow direct booking.


Now, it appears Marriott is trying to especially entice "Marriott Reward Members" to book direct with (or mobile app):


Online Hotel Booking and Reservations | Book Right on



Just wondering how other "Insiders" traditionally book their hotel reservations - especially for staying at Marriott facilities.


July 13 edit:  In my opinion, here's another example of why I always book my travel reservations (hotel, airline and car rentals) directly with the respective company of my choice and not a so-called, discount agency:  wow. did i have a disappointing Marriott day.....


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