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St Thomas Questions

Question asked by taxlawyer on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by mikiegfla

We are spending a week at Frenchman's Reef in mid-June.  We have a number of questions for trip planning, as it's our first time in the USVI.  We are a family of 3, and our daughter is 10.  So here goes.  Thanks in advance for any and all info.


1.  Rent a car or rely on taxis?  We would prefer not to eat all our meals on resort (see below), so we would probably want to go off resort for dinner most nights, in addition to excursions to Coral World and a snorkel excursion on two of the days, I have a UK driver's license, so driving on the left is not an issue for me.  Key criteria for this decision are cost and convenience.


2.  Restaurant recommendations?  I assume the resort restaurants are good, but not memorable, and overpriced to boot.  IF you know otherwise, please let me know.  If I'm right about that, would love to hear recommendations, for one or two high-end splurges and a bunch of more casual places.  Al fresco would be great in either category.


3.  Coral World tips?  My daughter is very interested in the sea lion encounter.  Any other attractions there that we should either make a point of or sterr clear of?


4.  Would love to take at least one day trip for snorkeling and visit(s) to other island(s).  Ideally on this, (1) let's not break the bank, say a ceiling of $500 for the three of us for the day and (2) not a massive craft with a hundred people from a cruise ship.  If you have destinations (St John's, Jost van ****) and/or particular boats/tour operators you can recommend, we'd appreciate it.


5.  Sites of historical interest?  I'm a history buff, so anything in that vein that you could recommend (either on St Thomas or in connection with an off island excursion) would be appreciated.


6.  The resort itself -- any tips regarding the restaurants, the pools, etc.  We booked at Morningstar, but could move it to the main resort, so please comment on the relative merits of the two.


Thank you so much for your help.  I'll post a review when we get back.