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Why does Marriott Point-Short so often? Only 1.5 points awarded per $!!

Question asked by brightlybob on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by amonteiro1982

This is now getting silly. Why do I have to be Marriotts unpaid policeman?


April has been a busy month stay-wise what with work in Peterborough and Windsor and a honeymoon, all at Marriotts. I've spent the first 15 nights this month in Marriotts over 6 stays, only 3 have been correctly posted. 2 have been horribly point-shorted, 1 has been missed off entirely


My last 6 stays were:


1. 1st and 2nd April - paid stay at Marriott Peterborough. Posted correctly

2. 2nd April - paid room for my sister joining me in Marriott Peterborough at £67. No points posted

3. 3rd April - paid stay at Marriott Windsor. Posted correctly

4. 4th to 7th April - paid stay at Marriott South Beach Stanton. Posted correctly

5. 7th to 14th April - redemption at Marriott South Beach Stanton. $170.46 incidentals... 212 base points posted

6. 15th April - paid stay at Renaissance London Heathrow at £86.74... 337 base points posted.


So on half of my stays the points have been incorrectly posted. An unbelievable 3 of the last 4 hotels I've stayed at have significantly fouled up my points. I should be feeling really good about Marriott right now, I've just stayed 7 nights at SoBe and taken return first class flights all on Marriott points. Instead that goodwill is rapidly evaporating on the twin altars of Marriotts most common problems, missing stays and point shorting. 3 out of 6 stays have been fouled up by 3 of the last 4 hotels I've stayed at. $390 of spending has been awarded 549 base points, the equivalent of spending less than $55. Since when did Marriott change the rules to award 1.5 base points per $ spent?


And again, at the pinnacle of this sad list of incompetence stands the Heathrow Renaissance, now no doubt chest-puffingly proud to have managed to short me, or just not bother to post points at 3 of my last 4 stays with them. How does it manage such incompetence? Why isn't Marriott retraining this place?


So now I must endure "ordeal by customer service" where I am expected to produce my bills and explain how they're wrong and then police the replies and make sure they all come in. And last time I suffered this series of incompetence it took over 2 months and several calls to sort it all out as rectification took place on the drip. It was only finally resolved after I blew my top at them on New Years eve... I feel my temperature rising already. Then we have to argue about appropriate compensation for policing this serial incompetence. Yet it continues unabated.


Argh... Why, Marriott, why????