Tales of a platinum virgin

Discussion created by trevfour on Apr 15, 2016
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New to this game, was offered a Gold challenge late 2014, kept Gold for 2016 with 50 nights last year, most were leisure stays,so not as easy as if someone else is paying! Thought I'd take up the platinum challenge this Feb, and completed it by mid March. Was so looking forward to our first platinum stay, which was last night,  April 14th at Leeds, were we had a room booked and tickets for the Grand Theatre to see Alan Bennett's 'Single Spies'.



Checked in, decided not to ask for anything, just to see what room we would get. A suite perchance, or maybe a room with a decent position and view?



Went along to the room full of hope and expectation, opened the door, and my partner immediately said 'oh dear' ! It looked like their lowest grade room, in an internal corner, with a view of an adjoining corridor to the left and the roof in front and to the right. The Leeds Marriott is one of our absolute favourites, we have chalked up 8 visits over the last 16 months, and ALL the staff are great. But this room was in the worst position we'd ever been checked into.

I thought, I'm sure it's not supposed to be like this and went back down to reception. To his credit, the chap on duty offered to look for something better, and came up with an extremely acceptable executive room (263) with a view over the Brigate (city view).



Leeds is a great city, superb shopping and a beautiful Victorian theatre. The Marriott's Lounge was superb as usual, with salad, 2 hot choices and cheese and biscuits to follow. Red and white wine and bottles of Peroni were also on offer. Porridge, cereals and cooked items were on offer for breakfast, which was also excellent. And while I think about it, regarding other posts, no crowding at all, in fact very quiet.



I had the pool to myself this morning at 9am, so I swam diagonally just for the hell of it!



On a different note, the play, which is about the lives of Burgess and Blunt, 2 of the Cambridge spy ring, after the war, was not quite my thing, though the acting was superb.



To finish this account off, as we left the room this morning, a maid was cleaning out room 259, 2 doors away, and as it was a suite, I asked if we could take a quick look around. Wow!

It impressed me so much that while checking out, I asked for a paid upgrade to the room we had already booked for next week (River Dance at same theatre!).



So the moral is, as I've read in yet another post recently, if you really, really want a suite, pay for it!