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Prepaid Rate Frustration & terrible customer experience

Question asked by travelingangler on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by pey

I am fed up with Marriot, and terrible costumer service that has nothing to do with the hotel stay.  Four of my last six bookings I have been forced into a prepaid rate.  In February I booked a stay in New Orleans for Jazz Fest which is next week.  I was told that only prepaid rates were available and I could not cancel after 24 hrs.  Later that day I called to cancel the first night, and booked a room near the airport instead, which was also a prepaid rate.   Despite 4 phone calls and 2months, I have not been refunded ($750 for 2 rooms) for that first night which I attempted to cancel within 24 hrs.  I was told that the person I spoke to modified my reservation instead canceling it, as I was told.  I have spoken to 4 different people, who have told me... "oh well", or that it would be referred to someone else and they would contact me.  2 Months, not a single call back, and I have still not been refunded.


I also booked 2 different stays in Panama last month, again a prepaid rate booked on the Marriot website.  (Note: The Sortis: AC in Panama City does not honor the breakfast for Gold and Platinum members).  It has taken a month, 4 emails, and emailing receipts 3 times to get the stays credited and rewards points for a stay that I booked on their website, prepaid with their branded credit card,  and I received satisfaction surveys about.  It shouldn't be this difficult.


What is going on with Marriot?  If this is how they treat Elite members, I cannot imagine the service received by others.