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The Marriott/Hertz 35% + 5,000 points promotion

Question asked by glemlyn on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by bridle126

Hi there,


I have been attempting to book a car through Hertz using the advertised 35% discount (+5,000 points) for Platinum Elite members. After following the process all the way through from the Marriott website link to the Hertz booking page - ensuring the Marriott rewards discount code is entered and used, the price I am being quoted by Hertz is only about 5% cheaper than if I were not a rewards member.


I spoke to a Marriott representative at the Marriott Marquis here in Qatar and he suggested I enroll into hertz as a Gold Member (another Marriott Rewards Platinum benefit) and try again. This I have done but I am getting the same result.


One can come across the promotions page in a number of ways and here is the link to it:


I have direct mailed Marriott Rewards Customer Care and emailed them three times in the last seven days to have some light shed on this but I have not even received an acknowledgement let alone a solution or explanation as to why it seems impossible to take advantage of this offer.


Has anyone else successfully used this promotion or have any advice on how to get an answer?