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Applying for Marriott Rewards Premier Visa

Question asked by dancer95 on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by metfan

Newbie needing advice regarding the MR premier visa credit card. Would love to be approved for this card especially with the current 80K bonus point promotion, 3K spend, $85 annual fee being offered but am hesitant to apply for it due to having a very short and thin credit history (one credit card for the past year). Just recently received an email from Marriott offering a promotion of 40K bonus points, 3K spend and $0 introductory annual fee. This was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Also, Chase has another offer if applying by phone for 50K, 2K spend and $0 introductory annual fee. Obviously the 80K promotion and the 50K phone promotion are both better than the email offer that was received. So my question is this. Am I to assume that the email offer is already a pre-approval for the card and therefore there should also be approval for the card if applying online through the MR account for the 80K or by phone for the 50K? Have 23 Marriott nights planned starting in May so there is a timeframe that also needs to be factored in. Just would like to take advantage of the best promotion I can but would welcome any thoughts and advice to help sort this out and on how to proceed.