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Mileage Plus for Dummies

Question asked by benbuck6 on Apr 13, 2016
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About a month ago I went through 2 weeks of Hades as I compiled and filed all of our 1095C information for our company and our employees. I have never had issues with any type of tax returns but this gave me fits. The only way I got through it was finally a google search entitled "1095c for Dummies". It wasn't perfect but it began to point in me in the right directions.

I have seen MileagePlus mentioned. I have read a few posts on it. As of today, I was clueless to what it was because we drive EVERYWHERE and I thought I wouldn't be able to get any reward miles bc I don't fly...(did I mention we don't fly), but eventually we want to fly to Maui. So, it didn't cost anything to join the program and now I have a United Mileage plus member Number and I have scanned the website. Now, I may be more lost than I was than when I started. So, I need a Mileage Plus for Dummies version and how that relates to Marriot Rewards and how to use the two together.


I don't even know how the miles translate....1000 air miles = what exactly? In Mileage Plus for Dummies terms.