City View vs. Skyline View

Discussion created by seatexan on Apr 8, 2016

While checking out rooms for my upcoming New York trip, I was given options of City View or Skyline view.  This was listed on several hotels.  I do have a room booked at the Courtyard Herald Square, but wanted to explore other options.

Herald Square Hotel | Courtyard NY Manhattan/Herald Square


I have been seriously considering the Renaissance Midtown.

Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel: New York Distinctive Hotels


The city view is less BUT the image they show for this room was throwing me off.



City View.png

This image (and its fantastic view!) made me question the Skyline view.

The skyline view said "photo coming soon".


From what I gather, the image representing the City View is REALLY a Skyline View.  I asked a Live Agent and they were able to help me out.

Vanessa: You have been connected to Vanessa. How may I help you?

Me: Hi there!

Me: What is the difference between city view and skyline view?

Vanessa: I can absolutely look into this for you. It will be just one moment please.

Me: I am looking at rooms at the "Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel"

Me: thank you

Vanessa: Thanks!

Vanessa: I appreciate your patience. The city views can be any part of the hotel that you'll be able to see nearby buildings and lights at. The skyline however, is definitely going to be a center perfect view. You'll be able to see the main New York attractions lit up.

Me: Ah perfect! so City view I could look out the window and see another building RIGHT in front of me.

Me: Which would be funny as yes, that is indeed the city!

Me: Thank you for the info, that is just what I needed

Vanessa: Exactly! It's been my pleasure, please feel free to chat back with us anytime! To finish your chat session press the "end chat" button at the upper right-hand corner of the chat window.

Me: have a great day!

You've ended the chat.


So! No matter what the image looks like, with a city view, you could end up being able to reach out of your window and touch the other building...or maybe get a lovely view of some roof top air handling units. Of course you might get lucky and it be a great view for less .


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