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Weekend Access to Concierge Lounges

Question asked by nhtraveler on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2016 by brightlybob

Hi Insiders - As I recall, this has been discussed before, but I'm not sure if Marriott corporate has ever responded. (As I just turned 65, please consider my advancing decrepitude as an excuse for not remembering!)


My question is specifically this - Has anyone ever asked or heard from Marriott corporate as to why the Concierge Lounges in most properties are closed on weekends? They have the space; they have the personnel; they have the food - what is the reason for not having the lounge open?


I'm going to spending a weekend at the Renaissance South Boston at the end of April and, you guessed it, their CL is closed on weekends. It seems to me as if Marriott could make keeping the CL open on weekends a contract condition for all their franchise owners.


As a Platinum Elite Lifetime who has accumulated many of my nights on weekend trips (closed CL), and at resorts (no CL), I'm just curious as to why the properties that have them, keep them closed on weekends.


There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation that I'm just not getting. I look forward to any insight my fellow Insiders might have gleaned over the years.