Commendable Service by Maxime Roberton

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I would like to nominate Maxime Roberton at the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel for a service award.


My 12-year-old daughter and I stayed at the Opera Ambassador Hotel in April of 2016 during her spring break from school.  It was a special trip for us, one I'd promised her when she was 7 and had a chance to visit Paris for the day.  She loved the city so much that I promised to take her back for a longer stay when she was 12.


On our second-to-last night at the hotel, we arrived back to the room only to discover that her prized stuffed animal, a small black-and-white panda bear, had gone missing.  While she is 12 and not much into stuffed animals anymore, this particular one was very special: she got it when she was 2 years old and has slept with it every single night since then.  Needless to say the thought that she'd lost it was devastating.


After searching the room high and low, we contacted the housekeeping staff.  We thought that perhaps the bear got tangled up into the sheets which were pulled off the bed when they changed them, and the bear may have ended up in the laundry.  The housekeeping staff, led by Mr. Roberton, sprung into action.  The maid who cleaned our room came back to check with us (even looking under the bed); the lead housekeeper for the floor did likewise; and when that failed to turn up the bear, Mr. Roberton directed his staff to empty out all of the laundry from that day and search through every piece to look for the bear.


After extensive searching, they found it!  My daughter was overjoyed and relieved, and I was left with just the utmost gratitude and appreciation for a hotel staff that would go to such lengths and extremes in order to find a little girl's lost bear.  It would have been so easy for them to be dismissive, do only a cursory search, or just give up after a little bit of searching.  The fact that Mr. Roberton and his staff went to such lengths for us meant so much, and we're forever grateful. This kind of 'above and beyond' effort was staggering, and I'm speechless.


Thanks again so much to Mr. Roberton and the entire housekeeping staff at the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel!



Stephen Konig