Rachel at Destin Fairfield Inn

Discussion created by stefnbama on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by laurac

is the hardest working breakfast staffer in FL.  This is our second stay for spring break.  She is calm, deliberate and kind when tending her task.  The throngs of vacationers (and children) is overwhelming.  The unattended children (and some adults) aren't tidy about making their plates, yet the staff here manage to keep the area clean, the buffet full all whilst saying good morning.


The spirit to serve is evident in this lady.  She's pleasant, efficient and professional.  Please recognize that she is making due with a poor set up.  The tables adjacent to the waffle making area creates a congestion that hinders customer flow.  Worse yet, the access to the pantry is encumbered by individuals waiting to cook their waffles.  I have a suggestion to remedy the situation as well as ensure life safety of customers and staff.  The dining tables immediately adjacent to the waffle area should be removed.  The four top directly in front of the emergency exit MUST be relocated to ensure adequate egress in the case of an emergency.  Lastly, the large cushioned chairs do not belong in a dining area, I suggest these be relocated to the area where the dining tables are removed.


Rachel, thank you for helping makes so many vacations happy and well fed.