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Roseville, MN Residence Inn under consruction

Question asked by dmurphy6213 on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by wesleywc

I stayed at the Roseville MN, Residence Inn last weekend April 1 - 4th on points.


  The facility was under major renovation that impacted all aspects of my stay. Typically the construction is managed in a section the is not occupied but this was not the case in Roseville. Some of the issues; Drywall dust, paint and plastic throughout the improved eating area, not so appetizing. The entry door to the out side of the property did not lock and had detritus strewn everywhere.This remained open all weekend at all hours to anyone who cared to stroll in. The hall floor I had to walk through to get to my room was torn up and dangerous.


Folks who were staying there got a significant reduction in price to deal with these unpleasant and unsafe conditions. Several left for another hotel. I was charged full points in redemption and there was no indication the the property would be a disaster area when I booked it. Fairness would suggest I get some of these voluminous points charged returned to me account.



Can I get a little help here?