Poor Experience at Check In at Marriott St. Louis Grand

Discussion created by marriottman1988 on Apr 4, 2016
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Just had an unfortunately poor check-in experience at the Marriott St. Louis Grand. I have frequented this hotel many times and have usually gotten excellent service. The check-in started good with the clerk immediately noting my Platinum status (hey its corny but I appreciate that). However, things took a turn for the worse when I asked for an upgrade (I always do and sometimes I get them sometime I don't). The person checking me in said that she will see if there are any upgrades available and said that I would have to pay for them if they were. When I reminded her that I was Platinum (something that she acknowledged at the beginning check in), she said that did not matter and that Plats and Golds only get upgraded to the next room type. Now, I have stayed at this hotel many, many times and I have gotten upgraded to a suite with no charge and nice rooms and no charge. I was done and not going to get into with her until she said that other clerks need to be "retrained" because they have been giving out better upgrades to Plats and Golds and unfortunately Plats and Golds have come to expect that. Wow just wow that this person (who seemed like a manager) thought they clerks should be retrained because they were actually valuing Plats and Golds.


This is completely against the ToS of upgrade rewards (hell just tell me its not available don't retrain or punish employees for actually giving me a good experience). It really soured my view of Marriott as a brand because if you are actually going to criticize employees who go above and beyond for their customers and especially go above and beyond for rewards members, then this company has a major problem. Needless to say I am pretty pissed and I can't say that I would recommend going to this hotel if that is the attitude. Which is a major disappointment since many of the employees do attempt to go above and beyond.