Concierge/club level when using points

Discussion created by jroyjohnson on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by pey

I've never paid much attention to obtaining a room with concierge access as I usually don't spend much time in the hotel when I travel. But for a variety of reasons, having concierge club, or lounge access for our upcoming trip to Montreal would be beneficial.  I'm a platinum member and will be booking entirely with points.  The Delta Marriott in Montreal is the only one in town that shows rates for concierge level rooms in addition to regular room rates.


My question is do you have to book the concierge level room (which was approx 10k more points a day) or would I get access and all the benefits of the lounge by default just by being a platinum member even if my room was on a different floor?

Also is anyone familiar with other Montreal hotels that have a good concierge lounge?



Thanks in advance!