Platinum-United Airlines Unpleasant Surprise

Discussion created by jaketoyou on Apr 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by clebert

I made it back to platinum about a week ago and immediately signed up for the RewardsPlus to get my sliver status on United Airlines. I was not asked for my United MileagePlus number presumably because I had supplied it previously. After registering, I got a pop-up that said I should get my United silver within 7-10 days. Nothing's happened yet.


After waiting patiently until today (7 or 8 day mark), I called the number that was given out here (1-866-316-6173) to speak to an agent.  She asked if my name and address matched between the two accounts (yes) and if my MileagePlus number was connected to my Marriott Rewards number. Regarding the latter, I can only assume so--I believe I entered it the first time I signed up for RewardsPlus--but I don't see an entry in my profile showing my MileagePlus number.

Although the agent was very pleasant and apologized about the delay, she could not help me today. Why? She was unable to do manual verification of my Marriott status today because the Marriott side is closed on weekends. Now that does not help me for my flight this evening! It also did not help with my flight two days ago.

What are others' experience? Am I right to be irritated? Right now I am irritated at Marriott; United was willing to verify my status but they could not because Marriott Rewards does not have weekend staff.

So, I shall fight for bin space again tonight because I don't think it's fair for my employer to pay the baggage check fee and I will not have a chance to sit in E+ section. Thanks Marriott :-(