Philly Stopover - Pleasant, albeit brief

Discussion created by ssindc on Apr 2, 2016
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Driving north (to NY), and with a late start (didn't hit the road until well after the evening rush), I got as far as Philly (alas, after midnight), but spent a surprisingly pleasant night at the Philadelphia Renaissance at the airport.  As I've often found, when in doubt, more times than not, Renaissance offers favorable pricing and one or more "little things" that tend to cause me to choose Renaissance first, almost anytime I have a choice....  And, yes, Renaissance offer the best toiletries (from Aveda - ahhhhhh, which I prefer to Thann -


A few quick additional notes and reactions:


  • Upgraded to a (very nice) suite, even if I had no obvious nocturnal use for the dining/conference table with seating for six - but the room was extremely spacious and comfortable;
  • Cheerful front desk folks (even during the dark/wee hours);
  • Wonderful to be cheerfully offered - at check in - a breakfast buffet for the next morning; the breakfast room was quite comfortable, but the highlights were:
    • outstanding - truly delightful - omelette to order - the guy manning the omelette station was a real pro (and polite and enthusiastic) - produced a DELICIOUS omelette; and
    • gorgeous fresh fruit - a wonderful selection - particularly attractive and tasty strawberries and melons (in addition to other options);
  • Interesting ponds on both sides full of geese - which might be great if you like geese - but it also meant that geese droppings were broadly distributed throughout the parking lot and sidewalks;
  • Close enough to the highway/turnpike that it was convenient, far enough away that there wasn't highway noise;
  • Free parking is nice, so close to the city; and
  • and an interesting combination of guest rooms that are probably due for renovation, while the lobby is extremely modern, hip, trendy, and/or dramatic.  I'm not sure if any of the seating is actually comfortable, but it made for pretty good eye candy - see below:


20160402_095318 (2).jpg