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Conference at hotel - your experience with noise

Question asked by klbe on Apr 3, 2016

I participated recently in a conference at the conference center next to the Renaissance in Palm Springs, CA where we stayed. I had taken my family with me and spent the weekend in advance also to explore the area which is very nice! Unfortunately, the conference had a huge event by the pool side Monday night and since our room were facing the pool we didn't get much sleep until the music stopped 11:15 pm. There was Hawaiian dancers with drums and later on a DJ played the music so loud that we clearly could hear all the lyrics etc from the music. It was almost like being at a restroom during a concert. Needless to say, we didn't sleep much (a bad time to bring my family which includes a 3-year old). I commented it to the front desk and afterwards also gave the management my feedback. I got a response with attitude saying 'sorry for the noise but we had a private event'.


What are your experiences during conferences and private events? Don't hotels normally respect other guests who do not participate in those events? Or do these conference hotels just do what they want to satisfy their big client who apparently pays the big bucks for them to host such an event?