Cherry Blossom Time in Washington DC

Discussion created by nmballoonist on Apr 2, 2016
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I mentioned being in DC last week in a different post.  Had a business trip to the area that ended on Thursday and decided to have my wife and daughter who is in college meet me in DC Thursday night to play tourist for a while.  We planned about a month in advance, but just so happened to hit the peak cherry blossom time on that Friday, March 25th.  The dates kept changing depending on the weather, but lucked out having it fall on the first day we were there.  The views were spectacular. Unfortunately the weather was a bit overcast that Friday, but the crowds were manageable.  Saturday we decided not to go because the crowds were huge and we figured we would not enjoy the experience.  We did go back for a while on Tuesday, there were still lots of blossoms but not quite as many, and the crowds were back to a reasonable size.


We stayed at the JW Marriott at 14th and Pennsylvania and I would highly recommend the location.  The hotel was crowded with families due to spring breaks and the blossoms, but the staff handled it well and set up the morning CL breakfasts in a large room off of the lobby to handle the numbers.  They explained to me that they do this at peak spring break time to accommodate the families of the Gold/Platinum members who come to DC and bring families.  Nice PR effort by the property.  Evenings were back in the CL and we did not encounter any problems with overcrowding.  I have stayed there non-peak times and much less crowded and chaotic, but this is how it is when you combine spring break and peak cherry blossoms.


Glad we had the opportunity to experience this event.  Thought others might like to see a few pictures.