Why I'm Leaving Marriott - April Fools!

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In the spirit of the April Fool's' Day, I offer the following generic form letter for anyone wishing to express their dissatisfaction with Marriott and Marriott Rewards. It is important that this letter only be used by brand new participants to this forum (otherwise it loses some of its impact).

I know many longtime Insiders will appreciate the humor humour expressed here. For newer members, please understand this is meant as a joke. I do not wish to offend anyone.


Form Letter - Please strikethrough the wording that does not apply and fill in any blanks as necessary.

Dear Marriott Rewards Insiders (that is what you call yourselves, right?),

I have decided to end my relationship with Marriott and thought for some reason all of you would care to know why. While I’m sure no one from Marriott corporate will ever see this, I feel the need to post it somewhere, and where better than a community of Marriott loyal guests that, until today, I had no idea even existed.


I’ve have been a semi-loyal Platinum|Gold|Silver|Basic member for the past (   18  ) years. I am taking my business to Hilton|Hyatt|Starwood|IHG|( Motel 6  ) as I feel they better appreciate me. I lost faith in Marriott due to points devaluations|lack of upgrades|poor customer service|lame MegaBonus promotions|(all of the above).

I will be spending the next ( 4 ) months burning through my ( 257,395 ) Marriott Rewards Points because ( I want to extract every bit of value I can from the program even though it will pain me to continue to support a company I no longer believe in ). If you know of any rundown category 1-5 properties, I would be grateful to hear of them as I prefer to have something additional to complain about during my last months with Marriott and I still have one more certificate left to use.

To paraphrase the old Country song, “Marriott, you done me wrong and I ain’t sleepin’ in your bed no more.” Please don't ask me which song, I can't remember, but I know I heard it somewhere.


M.R. Disgruntled


April Fools!