Hunstville - Carlos the Concierge of Concierge

Discussion created by the_road_warrior on Apr 1, 2016
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As a member of the elite Marriot Platinum Premier Elite Lifetime club; I spend every week in a Marriott property, thus I am a prett good judge of excellent service.  I would like to nominate Carlos - Ramos-Agababa of the Hunstville Alabama Marriott (the one with the giant Saturn V rocket next to it) for the Sprit of Service award for the following Reasons:


Carlos is a consumate service professional, with an ever welcoming smile and dedication to excellent service, treating each guest as if they were a celebrity.  Carlos never ceases to amaze me with his ability to remember a customer by their name and where they are from.  He greets every single person that enteres his very large and beautiful concierge suite.  Carlos is such a joyous and frindly person, that even if you have had the worse da of your life, he can bring a smile and level of welcoming comfort to your soul.  I have seen his vibrant personality handle many diverse customers with the same level of respect, courtesy, and welcoming giving spirit that is an example for ALL Marriott concierge to follow, believe me I have seen many that need to take a class from this wonderful man.  Kudos Carlso, and I will see ou gain soon.