A lack of slippers in London

Discussion created by 7 on Mar 30, 2016
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I never cared about hotel slippers, but my wife always uses them (even at home, it's an Asian thing). As we were packing for our trip she asked if she should bring some and I said "Why bother? They always have them in the rooms." Naturally, now it's my fault that she finds herself without any slippers as neither of the hotels we've stayed at so far had them.


She mentioned it to her friend that lives here and said that has been a common complaint from everyone that has come to visit her and she doesn't know why, but it seems London hotels never provide slippers.


I wanted to ask my fellow travellers about the state of slippers in the world of hotels today. Do you typically see them? Anybody use them? Anyone have a reason for their absence across brands in a specific location? (I was thinking theoretically that it could theoretically be the result of some weird interpretation of some unusual law.)


Note to Marriott: This isn't a complaint on my part, just a curious observation.