Certificates of limited use

Discussion created by shawn1315 on Mar 30, 2016
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Maybe someone has addressed this elsewhere, I'm new to these forums so indulge a silly question if it's been asked/answered elsewhere.


I do sign up for the promotions as they occur, and usually have little to no issue making the "gates" for being rewarded for my loyalty. In the past when they've done the certificate programs for a certain number of nights stay they made the certificate(s) good for a wider variety of categories than in the current promotion.  I believe that the current certificate is only good for Cat 1-5 which is of zero value for a stay in any city larger than say, Raleigh NC for a good property.


I have earned, used and appreciated these certificates in past times when I was stuck in places like Chicago or LA and they were good for Cat 1-8 hotels, which gives a much wider variety of hotels and certainly better access to either downtown or the airport.  I am currently doing a workshop in NYC and with my current certificate I'd have to stay in Connecticut or NJ out on the west side of Newark. No thanks.


C'mon Marriott, I'm a Platinum Elite and loyal customer and the best I can expect is to be able to use this reward not in any major American city?