Two Years of Featured Insiders

Discussion created by bejacob on Mar 29, 2016
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Hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. We're coming up on two years since the introduction of the Featured Insider. With a brand new selection just the other day, I began looking back over the history of the Featured Insider and the folks who have been highlighted over the past two years.


Those who have joined Marriott Rewards Insiders recently may not know that before the Featured Insider there used to be an "Insider of the Month". Many of the the longtime contributors we all know were selected. Beginning in early 2014, the Insider of the Month was replaced by the Featured Insider, complete with a short bio and picture right on the welcome page. How do I know? I was the first one subjected to such ridicule honored in this way. Interestingly, the official announcement showed up the day after my mugshot picture appeared online.


So over the last 2 years, here are the folks who have been named Featured Insiders along with a link to the announcement/post  when the change happened (in the early days, there was not always an official announcement, we just discovered the change when logging in). It's still a relatively small group, but it's nice that every couple of months, we get a new victim recruit.


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and of course our newest Featured Insider

seatexanSay hello to your new Featured Insider! - March 2016


These are just a few of the folks that make Marriott Rewards Insiders a special place. I'd love to include all the people who were named "Insider of the Month" before that title was retired. You'd see a lot of familiar names on that list. If you're curious, do a search of the site.


In any case, congratulations to all who have been featured over the last couple years. It will be fun to see how the list grows. Brightlybob, it might be time for a bigger clubhouse.