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Time really does pass quickly.  Reading the recent thread, Two Years of Featured Insiders, gave me pause to reflect back on my journey as a Marriott Rewards Insider.  It's hard to believe that I've been wandering the hallowed social networking halls of Marriott for almost five years.  Many of the people that originally attracted me to this site have moved on or else rarely post anymore.  Their contributions were/are greatly appreciated.  Equally interesting, engaging, travel savvy and helpful members have since joined and found a welcome place here, keeping one of my favorite topics of conversation (Marriott Travel) alive and well. 

In just a couple of years, this site will have occasion to celebrate it's 10th anniversary.  Wow.  I thought it might be nice to create a place where we could review at a glance some of the milestones and accomplishments over the past 5 years of a great company, a great community, and a pretty darn good rewards program.




Marriott Rewards Insiders - Community Leadership - Community Management, Ambassadors and Stewards


Introducing the Insiders' Ambassadors Page

Help welcome our newest Ambassador! - profchiara, The specified item was not found., versel

Marriott Rewards Insiders Ambassadors: Thank You and Welcome

Introducing our Insiders Stewards Program

The specified item was not found. - A list of past Stewards

Who makes up the moderation team?

From Andrew: Thank You and Farewell - We said good-bye to Andrew

Community Management Update - And welcomed Andy

Extending a Warm Insiders Welcome to LauraC

New Kid on the Block - And then came along Nathalie!

New team member! - We welcomed carat

New team member - @deannad - And deannad

And somewhere along the line, we gathered ansaa, joshm, lindseyh and katiec!

The Insiders team in Bethesda! - The Stewards Program ended with the creation of a great new team.

Now I think melissaerb has been with us for quite a while, but previously known by a different Insider name.

Signing Off as an Insiders Community Manager - Sadly, we had to bid adieu to joshm , who went on to greater things .  And ansaa too.

New Team Member! - Well hello to - Oh! Another Andrew!

Insiders Team meet-up - All in fine form!

We also can't ever forget michellel2 and another longtime favorite heatherjt.



Marriott Rewards Insiders - Featured Insider

Re: Two Years of Featured Insiders - Check this out to see all of the Featured Insiders to date



Marriott Rewards Insiders - Insider of the Month


Recognition as the Insider of the Month

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Marriott Rewards Insiders - Annual Roady Awards


2012 Insiders Roady Award Winners and Nominees

2013 Insiders Roady Award Winners

Announcing the 2014 Insiders Roady Award Winners



Marriott Rewards Insiders Forum - An Evolutionary Look


Introducing the Insiders Lobby

Marriott Rewards Insiders 2009: The Year in Review

The New Marriott Rewards Insiders Community

Explore the New Insiders with a Daily Scavenger Hunt

Announcing the Addition of Marriott's Spirit to Serve and our new Insiders Stewards

Earn badges as you explore all the ways you to participate

Marriott Rewards Insiders Community - 2012 Year in Review

Rate and Review any of Marriott’s 3,700+ Hotels Around the World

Maintenance release brings visible badges and refinements to the activity feed

Browse Hotel Reviews from your peers and book directly from Insiders

A preview of coming improvements based upon the community’s feedback

Sneak peek at changes coming to and My Account in December

Insiders Community Highlights & Accomplishments

9 noticeable changes to the community homepage inspired by K-I-S-S

New Features Coming to Your Account!

Member Exclusive Offers - Join the Group!

Hotel Reviews removal coming soon - Very sad day for Mr. iahflyr

Top Conversations in 2014

Marriott Traveler Chicago: Q&A with Marriott Rewards Insider


More Insider Exclusive and Fabulous Contests!


Tell Us Your Summer Story, Win 50K Marriott Rewards Points!

Vote for your favorite July Summer Story, enter for August!

Vote for your favorite August Summer Story!

Announcing Our Summer Travel Story Contest Winners

Vote for your favorite Holiday Travel Story!

Announcing Our Holiday Travel Story Contest Winner

Announcing the Winner of the Platinum Arrival Gift Contest - I totally don't remember this one. - Another Summer Travel Story Contest, which provoked one of my very first blog posts, The Quintessential Taco.

Vote for your favorite cocktails in our Cocktail Madness Mini Tournament

Earn up to 250 Marriott Rewards points - Hometown Highlights photo contest

Snap the Summer Photo Contest

Congratulations to our lucky Pick’em sweepstakes winners – thanks for playing all season!

How does a chance to win a 7-day vacation sound to you

Congratulations to our 42 Story Contest and Sweepstakes Winners

Help us congratulate the Review your Stay Sweepstakes Winners

Play “Discovery Doors” from Renaissance for a chance at 500 exclusive prizes - Okay, this wasn't an Insider exclusive contest, but it sure got a lot of interesting attention!

Know of an extraordinary Marriott Hotel? Tell us about it by January 27, 2014 and receive 500 points

Spring Snaps Photo Contest

Destination Spotlight Posts – Comment and you could earn points

Post & Pack Giveaway: Winner Announced

MegaBonus® Photo Contest Winners!

Share Your Elite Story for a Chance to Win

What You’ve Seen in 2015 Contest: Comment on this post to enter - I think this one replaced the Annual Roady Awards.

Your Holiday Recipes: Thank-You Drawing - Well, it wasn't exactly a drawing, but... psudad's Pecan Pie recipe really did deserve that win!

What You’ve Seen in 2015 Contest Winners

Travel Firsts - What You’ve Seen in 2015 Winners

What You’ve Seen in 2015 Winners – Celebrating Family



Marriott Rewards Program - Annual Hotel Category Changes


2010 Hotel Category Changes

2011 Annual Hotel Category Changes

Marriott Rewards 2012 Hotel Category Changes

First look at 2013 hotel category changes – Book before May 16, 2013 using 2012 hotel categories

First look at 2014 hotel category changes – Book before April 8, 2014 using the current hotel categories

First look at 2015 hotel category changes – Book before March 19, 2015 using the current hotel categories

2015 Rewards Hotel Category File.pdf

Preview 2016 hotel category changes – current categories are still available until March 24, 2016



Looking Back on Marriott Rewards Program Milestones since the Inception of Insiders.  Interesting to see the recent evolution of the Marriott Rewards Program.


Announcing Elite Rollover Nights

Marriott Vacation Clubs resorts to move to hotel categories

New Elite Night Program Enhancement (starting July 15)

It's back! MegaBonus returns!

Announcing PointSavers PLUS - Starting September 9 (9/9/09)

Celebrate The New Renaissance®!

Change to Elite Lifetime Status Qualification

New Marriott Rewards Credit Card Benefits for 2010

Free Internet Access for Gold and Platinum Elite Members

UPDATE: Free Internet Access for Gold and Platinum Elites

Marriott Rewards launches Instant Redemption Awards

Marriott Launches new BlackBerry App - the beginning of the Marriott Mobile App

Free Internet for Gold and Platinum Members Worldwide

Earn Marriott Rewards Points When You Purchase GiftCards - What a great deal this was!

Begin Earning Rewards at AC Hotels by Marriott

Elite Benefits for Rewards Members at AC Hotels by Marriott

Introducing the New Marriott Rewards® Credit Card for UK Residents

Details about the new online Cash + Points option

Introducing Marriott’s Next New Brand, Gaylord Hotels

Coming in 2013, Increased Platinum Bonus Points at Courtyards in the US and Canada

Redeem your points for $100 or $1000 Elite-only Marriott Gift Cheques until December 31, 2012 - Bye bye Gift Cheques

Elite Rollover Nights is now a permanent program benefit

Marriott Hotels and Resorts announces free Wi-Fi within lobbies at all 500 locations

Rewards Members around the World – Register for the Mid-Year ‘Unexpected Bonus’ Promotion - First and only unexpected bonus?

Beginning June 22, Be Our Guest for Free Breakfast – 7 days a week

Enjoy double status through RewardsPlus from MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards - iahflyr just loved this one!

Getting to your room has never been faster. Mobile Check-in comes to Marriott Hotels in the US and Canada

US/Canada Platinum Members - Your Stay at Courtyard Just Got More Rewarding

Meet Moxy: Reservations in Milan Now Available

Lifetime Points - Coming Soon to Your Account! - We loved this one!

More Fun Features Coming Soon To Your Account - A favorite enhancement of bejacob

Badging: A more in depth overview

Verified Ratings and Reviews Launching on

Protea Hotels Joins Marriott Rewards

The brand new Marriott mobile app launches December 4th

Mobile Requests are now live at select Marriott Hotels

TownePlace Suites gets an upgraded breakfast

Important Marriott Rewards® program notice

Delta Hotels and Resorts® Joins Marriott Rewards® with Summer Savings

Introducing the Fab Four!

1,000 points now — Platinums only: Register for RewardsPlus®

Marriott + Starwood = The World’s Largest Hotel Company