Exclusive Marriott Vacation Club Offer

Discussion created by jhensler98 on Mar 30, 2016
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I know I should never fall for one of these, but recently I answered my cell phone from an unidentified number and ended up talking with a Marriott Vacation Club member who pitched a deal stating it was for Marriott Members exclusively. He did a good enough job that I asked him to call me back the next day, which he did and at the time I requested. He pitched a deal to visit Aruba for 5 days and 4 nights at a nice price of $399, as long as I would agree to see a sales pitch for the Vacation Club. My wife and I had just talked about a trip to Aruba and I bit, especially being a Platinum with Marriott. His pitch that put it over the top was "we value the Platinum members and would not put you in any position to "lose" your business.


Well, after at least 6 attempts to set a variety of dates and times to visit Aruba being rejected, I lost my patience with the vacation club client services and agreed to an alternative plan by booking another Marriott Vacation Club location (Palm Desert). It was either that or lose my $200 down payment.


The client service group really did nothing to show they valued a top level customer and must have this happen so often that become insensitive to the customer. This, in my mind, has really given Marriott a black eye and if I can caution other Reward Members, that is my goal today..


Such a shame with the great deal of effort put forth by the rest of the Marriott hotel and customer service personnel.