The overcrowded lounge thread

Discussion created by brightlybob on Mar 30, 2016
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Following on from Re: THE TIME HAS COME FOR ACTION BY MARRIOTT posted by our much beloved, alas currently suspended Misterchk, the one common theme was that some members were experiencing overcrowded lounges very regularly, others like me and greekbecky not at all. But it's clearly happening as it's not only featuring here but also on Flyertalk so I felt it was time to see where these overcrowded lounges are.


So what is an overcrowded lounge? It is not merely a lounge that is crowded, by very definition a crowded lounge is not overcrowded. It is a lounge where there are more people than there is capacity. I take the view that capacity is seating, since a standing lounge is an obvious oxymoron. Hence an overcrowded lounge occurs when someone is standing because theres no seats available to sit at. This isn't about not choosing to share a table with a stranger, this is where someone is standing because there are NO SEATS AVAILABLE, hence the lounge has breached its seating (ie "lounging") capacity.


So I'm asking those who have experienced an overcrowded lounge where some people, or maybe the member themselves had to stand because there were NO SEATS available. Please identify the hotel, month and time (ie Marriott Somewhere, March 2016, breakfast). This isn't a name and shame thread, overcrowding can happen simply due to freakish events, but it will for the first time ever give us an idea where it's happening and if real OVERcrowding is happening at all, or is it just a crowded lounge people are complaining about.


Let's find out folks!