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I want to apply for the Marriott visa but I can't.

Question asked by alammari on Mar 28, 2016
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I Was offered to apply for a Marriott Signature Visa when I logged in on the on my marriott account, I automatically assumed that since I'm logged in the web recognized me as a person who lives in Bahrain Which leed me to the conclusion that I can apply for the credit card, after reading the benefits I was convinced to give it a try, but that's when I realized I can't apply for it since I don't live in the UK, Canada or the U.S.,  I contacted Marriott and said I cant since I live in Bahrain.

I also can't transfer any miles from the credit cards that I currently have, Citibank Premium Miles and American express, I can however transfer the miles and points I have from these credit cards to any other Loyalty Programs that I have!

I was just talking to another member here reading gold status and thought I should get some opinions on this matter.

any suggestions how I can benefit by transferring credit card or air miles to my Marrioty account?

Any possible way to apply for the Marriott visa?