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Since When Do We Fly In Our Pajamas?  Just a rant...

Question asked by drlandrum on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by pluto77

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As I travel more and more it seems as if I see more people flying as if they are going to bed.   I'm old enough to recall when people used to fly with class, no matter which class they were seated in.   I think the way we dress when we are in an airport and on a plane speaks volumes about us.   I see this same attire being worn in grocery stores...   It doesn't matter how decorative they are, they are still pajamas!   So you've got a Red Eye, you can dress comfortably without dressing in bed wear.  And what about when you get to your arrival point?   Perhaps it's my age showing, but I think there's a whole generation of people who dress like this on airplanes, and I am not speaking of babies or toddlers.