Never have been treated like this before....disgusted

Discussion created by aje5837 on Mar 29, 2016
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I'm in Aruba enjoying a well deserved vacation with my parents. We've been here for 3 days already and have enjoyed the private island, shopping, and food at the Renaissance. Yesterday we switched hotels to The Marriott Stellaris on Palm Beach. As we got off the elevator, there was a desk for a timeshare presentation. As separate Marriott rewards members my parents and I both wanted to take part to earn the points. We asked "How many points do you get? "20,000".  In addition, you also got a bottle of Aruba aloe lotion, which I love.  My parents first signed up and got their appointment and lotion.  When it came time for me to sign up, I was told I would not be able to get a bottle of the Aruba lotion because I was staying in the same room as my parents. I reminded her that I was a Marriott card holder myself. She said, "No, I can't. I'd be committing fraud and I don't want to do that."  Next, she asked me if my husband was here and I said, "No" and she said he had to be here for me to go on the presentation. I then told her he had died (passed away unexpectedly last January at 33 years old, I did not give her these details as they were not necessary). Then she told me I could only get 10,000 points and wanted to know his date of death (none of her business). This woman also belittled the length of my stay (6 days). Her voice and body language was full of negative criticism and disrespect. I decided to forget about the timeshare presentation. I came here to Aruba because I needed to get away from everything I have gone through and needed to relax and get a positive perspective on life . I am now upset and angry at the way I have been treated and out 20,000 points. most importantly, I now have been robbed of the peace and relaxation that I had come to find at this expensive, high clasS resort (category 9).