Marriott Starwood Rewards Speculation

Discussion created by droma on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by zl3

We won't know if the deal is fully approved until at least April 8th, but why not have some fun speculating at what we'd like to see and how Marriott will combine these programs in the future!  I think Marriott will do right and incorporate the following:


1 to 3 Points Transfer:  Based on current Starwood redemption values, rate of earning points, etc...I think we'll see Marriott offer a favorable conversion.  SPG has a very loyal and different customer base than Marriott, and the high offer will help pull those loyalists over.


Suite Upgrades:  I know some of us get lucky with Marriott suite upgrades, but I think Starwoods clearer way to upgrades (or at least from what I've read, I always stay Marriott so I can't say for sure) will be incorporated.  What I'd really like to see is Marriott offer suite upgrades like airlines do with first class: Platinum has first dibs and those clear 72 hours in advance, all of which is displayed on your rewards page.  Next, Gold gets a run and has upgrades clear 24 hours in advance.


I'm bullish on what Marriott will do:)  What do you guys think and what would you really like to see?