Songkran in Thailand will be better and worse this year

Discussion created by john_thai on Mar 24, 2016

For those who enjoy the Songkran Festival in Thailand plan on seeing it quite a bit differently this year.


Those not familiar, it's a water festival. You're supposed to splash small amounts of water from a bowl onto other people. In reality it has degenerated into the world's largest water fight. In the past decade things have moved past water guns and buckets to giant 3" diameter PVC plungers that will knock people down and in one case in Pattaya a few years ago, someone drove a fire truck down Beach Road drenching beer bars with a fire hose.


Some people love it. Others not so much. If you go outside during Songkran you are going to get wet. Not just a little wet. You're going to get soaked. Many hotels bar even their own guests from coming through the front door if they are completely soaked as it's kind of like diving into a pool fully dressed then sloshing through the lobby.


All that changes this year. Thailand has been facing a severe drought for a couple of years. Some reservoirs are nearly empty. So police have said that they are not going to tolerate the water wars. The first day of the festival, April 12, the police have said "No water splashing at all". They are going to restrict the amount of water available the rest of the holiday.


Or so they say. Thailand has a habit of ignoring the government and the police.


So if you love the water wars you're going to be a bit disappointed. If you would prefer not to be assaulted by water guns you might like it better. Either way, you're going to get wet but maybe not as wet as usual.