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elusive unlocked bonuses????

Question asked by homoviator on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by jonsummers

So It's been over two weeks since I unlocked my 2 stay, free night 1-5 bonus.  then according to my account in promotion central it says "

  • Win #2: Unlock your new bonus points offer – and register when it appears in your online account"

I know there are several kinds of bonuses going on out there, but I'm wondering if anybody has had this bonus and has seen what the win #2 is.  (I'm assuming it's not the megbonus, which has been there for months now.)


I'm curious and also coming up on some more stays so if I'm missing something, I'd like to fix it now before I make a few stays and maybe miss out on the chance to work on the next bonus point offer since I'm not going to even come close this year to the megabonus.