I want to see the eaglets!

Discussion created by razorbackfan on Mar 23, 2016
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We love to visit Washington D. C. and return to old favorites as well as finding something new to see on each trip.  The birth of 2 eaglets recently at the National Arboretum is yet another reason to return to Washington D. C. If you happened to miss the birth announcements, you can visit eagles.org and see live pictures of the eaglets named DC2 and DC3.  The parents are Mr. President and The First Lady.  The parents raised their first eaglet, named DC1, last spring.  According to the American Eagle Foundation, DC1 left the area.  Visitors are not permitted to view the nest up close; however, I've read that visitors can possibly see the parents as they fly around the area.


We were thrilled to see young eagles who were about to fly for the first time when we visited Victoria, British Columbia in 2011.  We were lucky to spot photographers with GREAT BIG lens aimed at a nest high in a tree.  We spent several hours watching the eagle family and returned early the next morning hoping to see their first flights.  When we returned to Victoria in 2015, we rented a car for the day just to return to the area, but the nest appeared to be vacant.  We did view eagles at another nest, but did not have the same experience.